Brody Funk aka Mr. Accountability, Managing Partner

Brody Funk joined the JB Funk team in 2020.

After building a successful home services company on Vancouver Island, Brody realized how frustrating it is for small business owners to establish, and maintain successful financial departments within any organization. Learning from his own mistakes and having to build, and rebuild several financial teams, Brody understands that most entrepreneurs have super powers that typically have nothing to do with bookkeeping and/or financial literacy. So he sought out to build a company that makes bookkeeping FUN again! What!? Yes, it is possible to love the numbers, when you get control of them.

Through real life trial and error in his own businesses, as well finding the right people to partner with Brody has become a financial wizard, experienced EOS coach, business owner, team leader, sales coach and strong entrepreneurial professional with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Sales Training, Marketing, Management, Budgeting, Contracts, Negotiating, Plumbing, HVAC, and Sewer Sales. Licensed Red Seal Plumber, and Class ‘A’ Gas Fitter.

Brody will hold you accountable and always tell you the honest truth. Your business deserves nothing less.


Building Beyond Bookkeeping

For business owners who have struggled to scale up, we offer CFO and Controller consulting services to provide you with further insights into your organization. We'll help you predict the future and then effectively plan for it. That way, you're ready to meet the moment and grasp new opportunities with confidence.


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